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Meet Osamede

Osamede Arhunmwunde is an international bestselling author, Publishing and Marketing expert.
Osamede is the creative director of Couronne Publishing, a boutique Publishing and Marketing firm that specifically addresses the needs and goals of entrepreneur authors who value creative freedom, visionary flexibility and achieving success as a published author. Learn more here.

I have been fortunate to work with Osamede over the past 5 years.Any work he does has been uplifting, exciting and rewarding.

– Kavita Mulchand


with Osamede Arhunmwunde

Authorship Master Plan

Want to become a best-selling Author but don’t know where to start?

Authorship Master Plan is A proven step by step system to get you from idea to a complete ready to publish manuscript in 8 weeks.
I don’t care if you think you’re not a “writer” or if you’re convinced you just aren’t “creative”. You’re about to see for yourself how easily you can research and write your book. It’s a step-by-step process that can take even a raw rookie and teach you how to get going very quickly with your book.
If You Can Chat With Friends Over launch You’ve Got The Tools You Need – This Simple, 100% Proven Program Shows You How!

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by Osamede Arhunmwunde

Higher education 101

Are you going through life meandering in a maze of mediocrity?
Are you tired of living life without a sense of true purpose and identity?

Higher Education is not about furthering one’s academic education
it’s about evolving as a human; about rising to be the best one can be; about defining success; and choosing the life one wants to live.
For anyone interested in seeking personal development, not only for oneself, but for the greater good, Higher Education will provoke readers to take a hard look at their beliefs to see if they are up to the challenge – and inspire others to do the same.
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Why I should write a book

It has been praised for its clarity, sound advice, and the warmth of its style.

It is a book for everybody who has wondered what the benefits are to writing a book.
In this internet age having a published book is the most powerful conversion tool you need to dominate your market.
Learn how your book can help you gain credibility, authority and sets you apart in your market.
Why I should write a book offers you fundamental principles to the power of writing a book.
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